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Monday, September 06, 2004

For no reason at all, excerpts from e-mails I have recently received in my law school account:

"Your 2005 Class Marshals invite you to an afternoon of eating and fun as we register for class!"

"If you have a disc, please bring it along."

"I was cleaning out my e-mails and came upon this from a year ago."

"I just returned from China last night."

"Most incomprehensible five pages I've read in a long time." Ed. note: does not refer to my weblog.

"I spoke with the mailman earlier in the Summer and I was told that their decision to place mail in a box is solely predicated on the names that can be read on the inside of the box."

"I'm actually in town now, and decided not to burden my soul with law review, so I'm free whenever."

"Think of it as helping me get rid of otherwise fattening sweets."

"If a medical or emergency situation may keep you away from Cambridge on that date, you should contact the Dean of Students office at []."

"I am still waiting to here about a location."