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Thursday, September 09, 2004

From the office of career services:

Headhunters from six major markets talk candidly about firms, job prospects, hot and cold practice areas, and other important regional topics. These recruiters are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the country and are here to share their insights with you.

I've been able to get my hands on a top-secret transcript of one of the sessions.

"Firms in Chicago are looking for a special type of student. A Chicago type of student. Firms in Chicago especially are looking for students with good grades, law review membership, good interview skills. Specifically Chicago firms."

"In Chicago, it's especially important to research the firm before the interview. Chicago associates and partners are looking especially for that. It's the kind of thing that's important in Chicago."

"You're going to want to dress a certain way to impress the lawyers in Chicago. In Chicago, lawyers wear suits to their interviews. It's a Chicago thing, and if you're looking to work in Chicago, it's something you should definitely pay attention to."

"The type of attorneys firms in Chicago are looking for are the ones who want to do corporate transactional work, or litigation work. Those are the areas that these Chicago firms have specific openings in. So it's important to keep that in mind."

"Chicago firms, more than anything else, want good students who are going to work hard and produce quality work product. It's something that makes Chicago firms stand out from firms in other cities. It's a special Chicago kind of attribute."

"One of the most important things, if you're looking to work in Chicago, is to show up to the interview on time."

"Resumes in Chicago are typically printed on white paper, with black ink, on one side of the page only. In Chicago."

"Lawyers in Chicago tend to work full days, from morning until evening. Keep that in mind."

"For a Chicago firm, it's never a good idea to spit on the interviewer. You'll want to remember that for those interviews you end up with that are with Chicago firms, because it's just another one of those special Chicago things that I've been talking about."

"Firms in Chicago place a special reliance on the use of the phone and of e-mail for communication purposes."

"A summer spent in Chicago will typically involve Chicago-style summer associate tasks, like legal research, writing memos, and an assortment of summer events. Those are just some of the uniquely Chicago-style things you'll do during a summer in Chicago. As you can see, it's different in Chicago in a lot of ways."

"No, a Chicago-style hot dog is pretty much the same thing as anywhere else."