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Friday, September 24, 2004

Very cool Q&A with the head writer of The Daily Show here on the Washington Post website. I really wish someone on their writing staff, while lamenting his need to find a new writer to replace the one who just died in a tragic accident involving a mountain lion and a steep cliff, would do a google search for "'The Daily Show' and funny Harvard 3L," just to see what he would find, read my weblog, laugh, and e-mail me. Because when I sent them a resume last year, all I got was a form letter back from the Assistant to the Writer's Assistant (really!) thanking me for my interest and hoping I go away. Well, not in those words exactly. But close.

In other news, I'm awfully unproductive today, but my laundry's in the dryer and I've cleaned random papers off my desk and am "ready to do my reading for next week," whatever that means. I'm also "ready to not do my reading for next week," since that's probably a more accurate assessment of what's coming up on my schedule.

Gave "ER" a chance last night to get me hooked. It failed. "Survivor" has me semi-hooked; "The Apprentice" does not. So right now I'm at 3 hours of TV per week: "Everwood," "Jack and Bobby" (but not anymore if this week's episode is not better than last week's), and "Survivor." Wow, that doesn't sound nearly intelligent enough. I should watch some C-Span.