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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

As I watch Jim Edmonds force a game 7 in the NLCS after 12-inning masterpiece (that I missed most of because of a meeting -- but got back in time to see the last inning and a half), Sherry has a post on her newfound discovery that baseball might actually be cool, and I think she articulates this masterfully (no surprise, if you read her blog):

I started to see why people like baseball so much. For a team sport, it is excruciatingly individual. At any moment, one individual from each team has the entire pressure on him. It's a pressure cooker. Players can be heroes or complete jackasses but when it's their moment the whole weight of the game is on them. I've always thought baseball was incredibly boring -- just a bunch of standing around, and this artificial separation of defensive play and offensive play with no hope for the defense to intercept or turn things over and change the direction of the game... but I now see how it can hold you spellbound and hopeful, building up the tension and wondering whether a player will do something masterful or bungle his chance and crush everyone's dreams in a split second.