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Monday, October 11, 2004

I'm back from weekend away visiting friend. Sorry for no weekend posts. I'll make up for it with an avalanche of new stuff in the next couple of days. First up, a quick movie review. Friday Night Lights is exactly what you might expect a high school football movie to be. If you saw Remember The Titans, this is not a substantially different movie, although I liked Remember the Titans better. I guess the football action scenes were better in this one, although I think the story was more polished in Titans. Not a waste of time, but nothing groundbreaking. Also, if you're renting a movie, you can do both better and worse than Scary Movie 3.

Later today, or perhaps tomorrow: a Debate parody, some book reviews, including one that will involve a semi-long discussion of the morality of the American legal system, a comment floating in my head on the impact of the classroom itself on how decent a class is, and hopefully 800 words about something funny that I can use in this week's law school newspaper, because as of right now I've got nothing.