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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We received an e-mail yesterday with the subject line, "Flu Vaccines." This is not what it said, although I sort of expected it to:

Dear Law School Community:

As many of you may have heard in the news, there will be a limited supply of flu vaccines available this year. For this reason, the Harvard University Health Service has made a special purchase to enable members of the University community to bypass the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and receive vaccinations even if you do not fall into one of the at-risk categories the CDC has identified. Although Harvard's purchase of the vaccinations will prevent a number of the young, the old, and the fragile from receiving protection from the flu, we think we're more important, and so we don't really care.

As long as you have a Harvard ID, we prefer you to the riffraff that would otherwise receive a flu shot. So come one, come all, and come twice if you wish, to the University Health Service on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12-3, beginning Thursday, October 14th. The cost is free -- in fact, we'll pay *you* ten dollars just for helping us get rid of these damn things before the CDC asks for them back. We wouldn't want our friends down at Yale to get their hands on these, now would we? No way.

Please check our website for more information, and, please, whatever you do, stay away from sick people. They're dangerous.

Thank you,
Harvard University Health Services