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Friday, November 26, 2004

After-Thanksgiving Sales at the Law School Bookstore

1. Buy one Contracts casebook, get one free.
2. Nine tax study guides for the price of eight.
3. GMAT prep books 1/2 off.
4. 20% off "Writing a Law Review Note for Dummies"
5. 25% off "The Idiot's Guide to Writing a Law Review Note"
6. Free with every purchase: a limited-edition black highlighter.
7. New item: "My son/daughter goes to law school and instead of helping me escape prosecution, all I got was this stupid t-shirt" t-shirt.
8. Every purchase gets you one entry in raffle to become Scott Peterson's appellate attorney.
9. One-millionth customer receives Bar/Bri class at 10% off the normal price.
10. Expired milk: 50% off.