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Saturday, December 25, 2004

And I thought no one would be visiting on Christmas. ;)

Ten Things Law Students Can Do On Christmas Day

10. Enter the brand-new Lexis contest, where you find every case that mentions the word "Christmas," type up a memo summarizing them all, send it to your Lexis representative, and get entered in a drawing for 10 Lexis points, enough to buy three paper clips from the Lexis online store in partnership with
9. Look for defects in your presents suitable for initiating mass tort claims.
8. Remind Uncle Frank of his Miranda rights.
7. Enter the brand-new Westlaw contest... which looks remarkably like the Lexis contest except with a different color scheme on the page.
6. Start studying for the Bar exam. (HA!)
5. Convincing children to believe in Santa Claus = Intentional infliction of emotional distress.
4. Speaking of Santa... how about helping Santa file the pleadings in his case against McDonalds for making him so darn big?
3. And speaking of McDonalds... although not really relevant to being a law student... but how disturbing would it be if McDonalds came up with a new "Christmas Burger" that was colored red and green... and how much more disturbing if they discovered that's what all their burgers look like anyway?
2. "I'll grab some dessert in a minute. Don't worry, I'm just helping cousin Timmy file for emancipation from his parents."

Unfortunately, this post is a cliffhanger. #1 is coming tomorrow morning, along with an interesting post I have yet to write, but will probably start with the word "Gosh" and end with the word, well, "Gosh." :)