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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

One exam done. One more (next Monday), and my Family Law take-home, still left to go. One observation:

The exam was closed-book, no laptops. So it was handwritten. So the great source of amusement as the exam was about to begin was the mild laughter around the room as the proctor read the instructions, each time the instructions mentioned something computer related. "In the event of a fire alarm, please save your work to disk... uh, there are no disks, so just, uh, don't keep writing.... If at any point your laptop malfunctions... uh, skip that.... When time is called, please stop typing... er, writing... save your work on the diskette... uh, exam booklets... attach a label... um, nevermind.... Please turn off all computer sounds... er, yeah, that doesn't matter for us...." Yes, I am easily amused when about to begin an exam.