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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tomorrow at 12:30, or slightly before, I will be done with exams for the semester, and can resume thinking about exciting matters like what the heck I'm going to do with myself after graduation, my 3L paper-screenplay that I'm writing, and which episode of Family Guy I should download next.

I've found it relatively difficult to focus this weekend on studying; I always find open-book exams difficult to study for, because they're open book, and it seems more efficient to learn things after you know the question, rather than before. :) Obviously time is limited during the exam. But still, everything right there in front of me... not enough time to learn a unit of the class, but enough time to skim an article or two, or search through some notes. This is the one exam that it's hurting me that I took notes by hand and not on the computer. It's 2 hours, one essay question. I mean, if it ends up being something I want to look back in my notes about, I'll be able to flip through and find it -- but my handwritten notes are perhaps less legible than the typewritten ones would be, so that may be a hurdle. I've re-read my notes, and feel relatively ready for the exam. I made a list of all the readings, with the plan to write in a sentence or two about each of them, but that hasn't happened. Maybe after I post this. Maybe not.