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Friday, March 11, 2005

54 hours away from being done with this Parody stuff and able to write posts that aren't four lines long. Really.

Tonight is the penultimate show, unless I'm wrong about the meaning of "penultimate." There's a Parody tradition where the 3Ls get some time during warmups to talk about their Parody memories and say nice things about people. My turn is tonight. I've scripted myself.

I read the Conviser mini review in the Bar/Bri book today for the MPRE tomorrow and then took a practice test. I got 40/50, which would be enough to pass if that's the % I get tomorrow morning when I take the test. In a perfect world, I'd squeeze in another practice test, but I have friends coming into town tonight who are seeing the show tomorrow, and it'll be late anyway, and the test is at 9AM tomorrow, so odds are very slim I'll look at the MPRE stuff again before the exam. Oh well. I bought 8 pencils. That should compensate for not knowing some of the answers.