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Saturday, March 19, 2005

I may be jinxing things here, but I feel like the weather may finally be turning to spring. It's been really nice for about five days now; of course, there's still some snow on the ground. The difference between Boston and, say, New York, is that here, the snow basically never goes away. Ever. At the bottom of the pile, there's probably still some snow from 1952 that's still lingering. That's not entirely true. It goes away. Eventually. But not yet. Nevertheless, the warmer weather makes life slightly more pleasant.

I mean, when it's really cold, it's just hard to do stuff. My cable bill for January was two weeks late because I couldn't bring myself to make a special trip to the post office and get stamps.

I ate some Cheez-Its earlier. They say they "contain 100% real cheese" but I don't understand what that means. Because they're not made of 100% cheese, and so whatever portion of them are actually made of cheese would have to be 100% real cheese, or else there's just less cheese. Like, if there's 1 gram of 50% cheese (whatever that means), then they could just say there's 0.5 grams of 100% cheese, and still say it contains 100% real cheese.

No one else cares, do they?

In other food-related uselessness, I tried Nantucket Nectars' Cloudy Apple juice the other day. Marketing geniuses came up with the "Cloudy Apple" name, I'm sure. It explains on the side of the bottle that the reason it's cloudy is because they use more of the real apple. Everything but the seeds, core, and skin. But isn't everything else... just apple? I mean, there's the stem... but I can't imagine they use the stem and not the skin. So what else is there? And so why is it cloudy if other apple juice isn't? One of my friends said maybe it just isn't strained, which makes total sense... but then why not just say that on the package? Instead of this nonsense with the seeds and core and skin. Orange juice is cloudy too, but Tropicana doesn't feel the need to go making excuses about it.

[/end of desperate attempt to create content from nothing]