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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Okay, Parody's over. The show went well, the reaction was really positive, people seemed to really like it, it was fun, I had a good time, sad that's it's over, although hasn't really sunk in yet.

Had a fun weekend, with the shows and besides. Random notes from wandering around Cambridge today:

*A tea shop had a sign outside advertising today's special flavors, one of which was "Golden Monkey Tea." This sounds like a euphemism. Not a very tasty one either. Wouldn't go near that one....

*Adidas opened up a sneaker shop around here. One of my friends observed that it's a trend, that lots of sneaker companies are doing this. Except Converse, I said. They're doing the opposite. Read that one again if you don't get it. Sorry, it's lame.

*Yesterday was really wet out; I changed socks three times I think, because my sneakers kept getting wet. One of my super-cool friends (I think I promised I wouldn't say which one) who came up to see the show and hang out this weekend and came to the cast party afterwards posed an interesting ethical dilemma. So, we were at the cast party, and his socks were really wet. And so, just for a second, he contemplated sneaking into someone's room (the party was in somebody's house) and stealing a pair of their socks, so his feet would be dry. He wouldn't actually have done this; the thought just crossed his mind. So the question is whether this is ethically justifiable or not. I think it may depend on whether the socks are on the floor or in a drawer. If you're actively searching through someone else's stuff, I think that's definitely worse than just grabbing a pair of socks off the floor. Of course, socks on a floor are likely to be dirty, and I'm not sure anyone really wants to wear someone else's dirty socks, even as compared with wet socks. And he thought you could probably tell a lot about someone based on their reaction, if they caught you taking their socks. If they'd really be mad, after hearing the reasoning behind it, are they really a good person? Contemplate this issue for a minute; I'll post any interesting responses that come my way.

*Speaking of legal ethics, I took the MPRE Saturday morning (on about 4 hours of sleep...). Not a disaster, I don't think. Certainly I expect I beat the girl who was sitting next to me, who, unfortunately, even if she had a command of the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, did not seem to have a good command of English. She saw me take out my pencils before the exam. "Ah, you have yellow pencil. Everyone have yellow pencil. You all buy pencil at same place?" I swear she said this. Her pencils were blue. "I try your pencil?" she asked. I let her try one. "Same as me," she said. Good for her. I don't want her to be my lawyer.

*Saw some cool-looking MIT buildings, one with lots of windows and one with a weird random entranceway with a lot of bent metal. What was funny was that the card swipe thing in front of the building was also bent at an angle and leaning over, like some of the building. I thought it was a nice touch that it matched. But, looking closer, no, it was just broken. Ha.