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Friday, March 25, 2005

A quick product testimonial. A fantasy baseball league I'm in has an auction tomorrow, and I've had to download a program called Skype in order to participate -- it's basically a program that lets you use your computer to make free telephone calls. What we're going to use it for is a big conference call with Internet chat capability so we can all talk and type to each other at once. This won't happen until tomorrow, but I tested it out with a friend just now, and this thing is really, really cool. I mean, I guess part of the coolness is that I don't have a speakerphone, and just the fact that I can talk on the "phone" without holding a phone up to my head is kind of cool. But also that it adds in the chat room capabilities, and that it's free -- all of that combined makes this a pretty neat program, I think. Of course, it'll probably completely fail tomorrow, but we'll see.