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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sherry has been posting about 15 things she's learned while blogging, to celebrate her 1500th post. The most recent two posts in the series, one from yesterday and one today, are really quite excellent, and definitely worth reading. I Am Not My Job talks about having an identity outside of your job, and, even better, I Make Friends talks about letting down your guard and how it doesn't have to be so hard to open yourself up to others. I guess I'd like to be more like that -- more able to just start a conversation with strangers, make friends in new and sometimes-overwhelming situations. I feel like I'm pretty good at making friends in comfortable contexts, good at opening up to people, not particularly guarded once I know someone. But, still, stupid stuff, like being in a big room of people where I don't know anyone, makes me go into a bit of a shell. In any case, it's a good post.