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Monday, March 21, 2005

This weekend is the first of two admitted students weekends for incoming 1Ls. Sunday afternoon there was an activities fair where the student organizations got to try and sign up students for next year. The Environmental Law Review had awesome green t-shirts about putting the Superfun in Superfund, but it's probably been too long since I did any work for them for me to get one, although they're really cool. My one observation of the afternoon -- they put the Jewish Law Students Association at the same table as HLS TaxHelp. Isn't that just buying into the stereotypes? I mean, really... kind of unfortunate. I guess I can only write this because I'm Jewish, otherwise it would be really offensive. It's probably borderline anyway.

My friend Katie gave me an idea for a post that will probably turn into a newspaper column this week. The White House has a page that lists all of the "proclamations" by the President. This week, for example, is National Poison Prevention Week, which is great, since I wasn't planning on drinking bleach until next week. Save Your Vision Week was the first week of March, but this week shining lasers in your eyes is totally cool. January 15 was Religious Freedom Day, which I guess made January 16 Okay We Can Taunt The Quakers Again Day. There's a National Farm-City Week, America Recycles Day, and National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, even though no one can remember when it is. National Forest Products get a whole week, but Child Health only gets a day; Hospices get a whole month, but Fire Prevention only gets a week; White Cane Safety gets a day; Ovarian Cancer Awareness gets a month; Women's Equality, just a day. In 2004, National Maritime Day came within National Hurricane Preparedness Week; November was both National Hispanic Heritage Month AND National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, leaving a handful of Hispanics with Prostate Cancer confused as to which they should more energetically celebrate. National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day came within National Child Abuse Prevention Month; While 2003 had Protection From Pornography Week in October, it vanished in 2004. More of this fun with the White House web site coming tomorrow, when I magically try to transform this into 800 words fit for the law school newspaper. Stay tuned...