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Monday, March 07, 2005

Useful e-mail this afternoon:

On Tuesday March 8th (tomorrow) between 8am and 5pm work will be performed on the audiovisual system in the Harkness Commons. During that time you may hear audio and see video in various locations throughout the Hark. We appreciate your patience while we test the Harkness Commons audiovisual system. If you have any questions please call Media Services at XXX-XXXX.
I'm so glad they warned us. We may HEAR AUDIO??? GADZOOKS! Or SEE VIDEO??? How would we ever cope without this notice?

Sorry, I think I'm just tired today. I guess this e-mail was fine, if just a little overeager to keep us in the loop about what's going on.

Although, I do wonder if anyone's going to call with any questions.

"What kind of audio might we hear?"
"Can I request specific audio?"
"Can you make the audio any louder?"
"Will you be having auditions for the audio voice you'll be using?"
"I'm pre-emptively offended by the video that I will be seeing. Can I get any compensation for the psychological harm it's going to cause?"
"Will there be audio and video at the SAME TIME?"
"I don't hear any audio or see any video. Am I deaf and/or blind?"
"I saw some audio and heard some video. Can you refer me to a specialist?"