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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bizarre Things I Found When Looking For Bar Exam Study Tools On The Internet With The Sole Purpose Of Finding Bizarre Things That Would Lead To A Funny Blog Post

1. "Celebration Bar Exam Review provides Personal Home Study Bar Review as a Christian-based company." What does that mean? What does the Bar Exam have to do with Christianity. I clicked on the link to find out more. "For Christians, we hope that our business will be comforting. For others, we pray that how we conduct our business may spark curiosity about a relationship with God that transcends doing "business as usual."

I wish I could make up something this bizarrely strange. From the customer testimonials:

Finally I would like to mention that, totally unexpected to me, this course was also a very precious spiritual journey. I have no idea what church Sara and Jackson belong to, although I trust it is a great church, this never was an issue nor put forward. I guess if you do not show any interest on that side of the preparation you never get to talk about it. Through this course I learned how to pray more, praise more and let the trust in Christ grow in me. I prayed during the exam, as I had learned to pray while studying and it
certainly helped me a lot to put this bar hysteria in me and around me into perspective. I learned some life lessons here, which were frankly more valuable than passing the bar.

Isn't there something very unChristian about the American legal culture? About the way lawyers in this country behave? I can't figure this out at all, really.

2. And here's something that I hope even the most intense studiers will find a little over-the-top. I apologize if this is actually what everyone's life is like. Link

Kiss your family and friends goodbye. Do not try to explain to them the difficulty, pressure, or intensity of the bar exam. If they have not taken a bar exam, they will not understand. Unless you have been there, you will not understand studying 12-16 hours a day. That is the reality of it. Tempers will flare and profanities will fly, but you must persevere. Make sure you kiss and make-up when it is over. Unless you are physically caring for someone, you will have to keep your contacts with friends and family to a minimum or you will become distracted and take your eyes off the prize. Because I was married with a one year-old child, studying for the bar exam was perhaps a bit more difficult for me because I always felt that I was neglecting my wife and son. But I had to remember that the real neglect and dereliction would have been failing the bar exam and not having a job which might result in us living under bridges, stealing food from the market, and begging for bread in the streets. So start lining up your babysitters now!


I did not exercise because I was lazy. I did not eat healthily because I figured that since I was depriving myself of every other pleasure in life, I would at least eat what I liked. I did not shave.