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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An e-mail from a reader:

Dear Jeremy and Jeremy's readers,

I have just started 1L at U of Toronto, Canada's hardest to get into - and presumably "best" law school. I have my eye set on a NYC firm, mostly because Toronto big firms will probably work me as much, paying me $50 K less, I won't have to spend a year "articling" (yes, Cdn. law students spend a year working as lawyers-in-training, and often receive only training wages for it), and since I'm interested in commercial law work, NYC has more complex stuff going on, more interesting clients, basically a better place to start a career.

Now, what I know, or suspect I know: in terms of requirements to get - LSAT, grades, etc., U of T is equal to a top 10 school. That's why they charge the highest tuition in Canada. However, what is not clear is how U of T graduates - and other Cdn graduates - are perceived by firms in the US? Does my school work out to a top 10 school, a tier 2 school, a tier 4 school???

Would greatly appreciate it you or some of your readers could help clarify the situation as it now stands.