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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm very excited about the potential New York City transit strike on Friday.

That sounds like a terrible thing to say, and, sure, I don't really want people with urgent things to do that require public transport to not be able to do them, like get to hospitals or go to work or find the best dim sum in the city. But I think it could be cool to see what happens to the city if there's no bus or subway service for a day. I say this as someone who doesn't need to go anywhere urgent on Friday, and if I'm really dying to get to my friend's holiday party that night, I could probably figure out a way. It would be a long walk, but it would be worth it to see what happens if there's really no public transport.

I'm sort of kidding, and don't really expect there'll possibly be a strike. The goodwill lost would be too great, on both sides. I expect they'll solve the problem at the eleventh hour and at least come to an agreement where they don't strike on a work day. We'll see.