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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I've spent much of my day futzing around with Typepad. That's right, I may be moving. I'm not entirely sure why, except that I think it would be fun to start from scratch, new layout, new archives, new posts. Of course I'd keep all this live and link back to it on the new site. But there's so many posts here, it starts to feel a little bit like an old and cluttered house, and I'm intrigued by the thought of moving to a new place. Same me though.

I spent a long time today trying to fool around with templates and CSS codes and all sorts of other things I know nothing about, until I decided to just go with the pre-fabricated template that I hated the least.

Nothing's set in stone. Typepad's got a 30-day free trial. I have 29 days left.

You're my beta testers, if you choose to accept that challenge. I have a test post up, over here. That's right, I've also bought my very own domain name. There's comments enabled on the post over there. Tell me what you think. About anything, I guess. About the site, about a better decision I could be making about it, about whatever. I can always delete your comments anyway.

I've set up an About page over there, thrown some links into the sidebar, everything as if I had a real weblog! Except content. :) Comment away over there. I'll probably fool around with it over the next few days and then start thinking about whether it's a move I really want to make or not.