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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A while back I asked for people's top ten most intriguing people of the year. Got a couple of replies. Here's what they said:

1. Pope John Paul XXIII
2. Rosa Parks
3. General Russel Honore
4. Lance Armstrong
5. Harry Potter
6. Camilla Parker Bowles
7. John Roberts
8. The Chicago White Sox
9. The People of New Orleans
10. The White Stripes (musical group)

1. Pope Benedict XVI
2. Ray Nagin
3. John Roberts
4. Harriet Miers
5. Samuel Alito
6. Gen. Honore
7. Raeed Juhi (judge in the Hussein trial, amazing ability to avoid/survive assassination attempts)
8. Mark Felt ("Deep Throat")
9. Michael Brown (because incompetence that thorough takes real talent)
10. Scooter Libby

Also, I asked about electric toothbrushes. Here were the responses:

"My Dad's a dentist and when electric toothbrushes first came out (mid-late 80s), our family went through a phase where we all had one. He probably got them cheap from some dental supply rep. It didn't last long, we all went back to the normal ones in less than a year. According to Dad, they're not better or worse than regular toothbrushes, just more expensive."

"I *love* mine. It's a Braun/Oral-B model. And I can say, without a doubt (my dentist can confirm) that once I started using it, there was a marked improvement in my gum condition. I'm a believer... with healthy pink gums. (I do also floss regularly, though.)"

"Let me put it this way. Now that I use one, I don't floss anymore and my dentist doesn't know the difference. I have a Sonicare."

"my experience is limited to the colgate toothbrush that you can pick up at cvs for less than $10 dollars. It's marginally better, but takes much longer than regular brushing, and it's loud as hell."

I ended up finding a 30-day "tester" Sonicare on eBay for 10 bucks, and figured that would be worth it, to try it out. After 3 weeks of "shipping" (more likely just a slow seller, I guess) it finally came today. I tried it out right away, because I'm seven years old and like to play with toys. What a bizarre feeling. It tickled. It felt like cleaning was really happening. And it produced an unreal amount of saliva in my mouth. It was like when you go to the dentist and they do stuff and stick that saliva suction thing in your mouth and you feel like you're drowning. That was how much saliva. Lots and lots. But it was fun. Or at least as fun as a toothbrush can be. 29 and a half days to go with it, and then I'll decide whether it's worth getting a non-tester one and making the switch.