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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Another "American Idol" episode in just 5 minutes. I'm a little concerned that I'll probably miss the final two shows because of law school. But I guess I can tape them. That sounds kind of pathetic. Taping "American Idol." I wonder if I'll be the only person at Harvard Law School taping "American Idol" on Tuesday night. Gosh.

I'm kind of looking forward to seeing my dorm room. There were a bunch of reasons I chose to live in the dorms, not least of which being that it was less work to sign up for a dorm than to start looking for an apartment. But also there's the location advantage -- a block from classes instead of potentially a subway ride, bus ride, or 20-minute walk -- which in the harsh Boston winters (at least that's my stereotyped image... but I'm sure it'll be no different from New York...) could be pretty unpleasant. And there's the advantage that everyone in the building will also be a law school student, so it should make it easier to make some friends and find people to hang out with. And the ethernet connection onto the Harvard network is a definite plus. And, finally, the cost difference -- including the savings on utilities -- is a nice bonus.

But there are negatives -- the size, and the lack of a kitchen (and a Cambridge ordinance banning any kind of cooking appliances in the rooms -- microwaves, etc) most notably (I sprang for the more expensive dorm -- with my own bathroom and my own thermostat, with air conditioning, so there are some usual negatives about a dorm that I'm avoiding). But today I realized the positive side of no kitchen and no microwave -- my room won't smell like food. See, there's always a silver lining!

And now, it's time to watch "American Idol." I think Tamyra's a shoo-in to win. But I reserve the right to edit this weblog entry to make it look like I chose right no matter what.