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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Another book review -- Scott Turow's "One L." Well, it's not as scary as people say it is. An e-mail from my soon-to-be "resident assistant" in the law school dorms warns us not to read it if we haven't already. But it's really not that bad -- and certainly not worth the effort people seem to make to assure incoming students it's untrue and exaggerated. I admit, clearly Scott Turow got way too wrapped up in grades and classes and studying and competition. So when looked at under the lens of "this is how he perceived it," the facts he presents don't seem that unrealistic -- there's a lot of reading, you'll probably get called on in class, it's a bad idea to be unprepared for stuff, tests are long, and some people study way too hard. He admits after the first set of exams that all of his extra diligence didn't really affect how much he was able to master the material and how well he did on the tests. Didn't he learn any lessons in college? You can always study too much -- and there will always be people who do. And the "scary professor" he talks about -- only calls on people once in the semester. Once you're called on for one day, you're safe. Uh, okay, so what's the big deal?