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Friday, August 30, 2002

Assigned seats in our classes. Each seat has a number, each student has a number, we make the match. This way the professors have a seating chart and can call on us. Can't wait.

Had a tour of the library today. Printing costs 5 cents a page, copies cost 10 cents a page. Huh?

The best line of the library tour, said by our tour guide (who was the nicest librarian I've ever met, by the way!) -- "This is the largest academic law library in the world. I say "academic" because there is one library that's bigger. The Library of Congress. They're slightly bigger than we are. Slightly."

The second best line of the library tour -- "In the bridge between buildings are some bean bag chairs. Students like to sit in them. And late at night, sometimes we find couples doing more than just sitting in them."

The third best line of the library tour -- "Over there is where you can talk on your cell phones. It looks private but the way the walls are, we at the reference desk can hear every word you say. So you may think it's private, but we can hear you."