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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

From's article this afternoon on the ongoing major league baseball negotiations: "Rob Manfred, the owners' top labor lawyer, has repeatedly expressed optimism, but even he admitted little headway was made at the bargaining table Wednesday."

Some people see nothing extraordinary about that sentence, and, admittedly, a few weeks ago I probably wouldn't have either. But that's before it sunk in that I'm really going to law school, and I started wondering whether I really want to be a lawyer. Maybe a little late for that question. But, nevertheless, I've started to keep my eye open for "Interesting Jobs that Lawyers Have." (I've put that in quotes and capital letters because I'm thinking that I'll come back to that theme in future weblog entries, and this way I can avoid a lengthy introduction like I'm writing now... so we can just call this entry chapter one in the "Interesting Jobs that Lawyers Have" series.)

So when I was reading the ESPN article, I didn't think about the potential baseball strike, or wonder if negotiations would go better tomorrow, or click on the fancy pop-up ad for on the top of the ESPN webpage. Instead, I noticed that Rob Manfred, "the owners' top labor lawyer," probably has a pretty interesting job. And he's a lawyer. So there is at least one interesting job that lawyers have.

That makes the score Lawyers 1, Investment Bankers 0. Hopefully I'll find more "Interesting Jobs that Lawyers Have" before my three years of law school are up. Hopefully.