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Thursday, August 08, 2002

I got a whole packet of information the other day about the law school insurance plan. Classes, they send me nothing. But health insurance, I get a carton full of stuff. Not so busy today, so I read what they sent. A few observations:

Because it's not a dental plan, injuries to teeth are only covered when not due to a "biting or chewing" incident. So if I fall on my head and break a tooth, great, I'm covered. But if I bite into a rock, no such luck.

Ambulance rides are only covered for certain "participating ambulance services." Because when you need an ambulance, of course you're always going to be the one calling.

(I suppose one of those "medic alert" bracelets would come in handy in a case like this -- "If I am injured and require an ambulance, please use one of the following companies: Hospital Express, Bleed-n-Go Ambulance Service, Hit-n-Run Emergency, Bob's "Stretch"-er Limousines, or No Frills Emergency Room Wheelbarrows, Inc. Do not under any circumstances allow me to be placed in a Roger's Ambulance and Dog Catcher vehicle -- it is not covered by my insurance.)

Not covered: voluntary sterilization, tattoo removal, and "repetitive procedures (such as injection of varicose veins or hemorrhoids)."

"The removal of wisdom teeth is covered only if the teeth are impacted in the bone." Exciting to think about.

The plan excludes coverage for "treatment for obesity... except as required by applicable law." Hmmm. I guess I'll learn about those laws in my "Obesity Law" class.