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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I know this has nothing to do with law school, but... I was watching the new NBC reality show, "Meet My Folks." The premise is that there's a girl and her parents, and three guys each want to "win" a week-long vacation to Hawaii with the girl. And the parents get to pick the guy. Over the course of a weekend, throughout which, dirty secrets about the three guys are revealed (like, "Tom cheated on his SATs," or "Jason enjoys videotaping himself being intimate with his dates, without them knowing," or "Bill's a child molester.") Aside from the fact that the show is having parents push their daughters into the arms of a sleazy guy they hardly know for a week in Hawaii, it all seems like pretty harmless fun. But they're ignoring the real ratings winner hidden within. I think it would be much more fun to reverse it. Single parent, and the kids pick the date from a bunch of hopefuls. We reveal dirty secrets about these middle-aged divorced guys -- after all, much more entertaining than "oh, those wacky kids," would be "oh, those sick, sick adults." Picture it. Janet, 40 years old, 300 pounds, who hasn't had a date in twelve years -- and the choices are equally appealing -- with the winner chosen by her children, ages 5, 6, and 9. Well, I'd watch it. (Of course, I'm watching it anyway...)