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Thursday, August 29, 2002

I think I heard "...and I have just one more piece of paper to give you..." about fifty times today. Stacks and stacks of stuff. Stuff like this:

Information Technology Services packet (printing costs 5 cents a page. That kind of sucks.)

Lexis-Nexis ID cards, daily planner with pen, big glossy brochure, sweepstakes entry (can win a Lexus -- oh, I get it! Lexis, Lexus! So funny!!), and some advertising propaganda rectangular sheet of paper with no information on it.

Westlaw bookmark, pen, and law students handbook all in a fancy box, legal summary book, manual, ID cards, coffee mug, and fake velvet case (to match the Fleet Bank sunglasses case).

Apparently, Lexis and Westlaw are competitors in the legal research game. Each one wants to woo students to their system. I'm not sure I fully understand yet. Their tables at orientation were right next to each other. I was kinda hoping they'd start fighting. Celebrity Deathmatch: Lexis-Nexis v. Westlaw. And no one but law students would be tuning in.... But it is a good song idea. We'll see later.

Playing it Safe: A Guide for students, faculty, and staff
This guide introduces the R.A.C.E. acronym for fire safety --

(As opposed to Run Away Carrying Everything).

Services for students with disabilities brochure
"The law school will make appropriate changes in examination procedures for students with special needs." What if my special need is the answer key?

Yearbook order form ("the price goes up so act now...")

Privacy request form, in case you don't want your e-mail address made public. This is useful because the e-mail addresses are composed of the first letter of your first name and the first 7 letters in your last name. So if you keep it private, no one can ever figure it out...

Deferred examination policy -- "if four or more exams are scheduled in a row..." How many classes are these people taking? Four exams in a row?

Drug and alcohol policy -- "food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available at any event where alcohol is served." Oh yeah? Good food? Is it free?