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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Just a few minutes ago, in the weblog entry below, I introduced chapter one of the "Interesting Jobs that Lawyers Have" series (see below for more). And then it crossed my mind that such a discussion would be incomplete without an associated "Terribly Horrible Jobs that Lawyers Have" companion series. And so I present chapter one of the "Terribly Horrible Jobs..." series, from an episode of Dateline NBC I saw a few weeks ago.

On the episode of Dateline I saw, the correspondent was interviewing the lawyer for a church in Camden, New Jersey, where the priests were being accused of sexually molesting teenage boys in the 1970s. The lawyer was fighting to have the lawsuits against the church thrown out because the time since the alleged incidents occurred exceeded the statute of limitations. This, I submit, is the perfect example of a "Terribly Horrible Job that Lawyers Have."