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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Okay. Starting to pack. I'm faced with how to pull all these wires out of my computer and pack them in such a way that reassembling the whole thing isn't a monumental task on the order of building a nuclear explosive. When I went down to college freshman year, I painstakingly applied different-colored Post-It flags to the ends of wires to mark what "thing" they plugged into (the big thing with the disk drives, whatever it's called, or the monitor, or the printer, or the wall...) but the flags came off en route and I was left completely perplexed. Another time I tried leaving everything plugged in on one end, so I'd only have half the number of things to reattach, but I found that carrying things with dangling wires is dangerous, and tripping over oneself while carrying a computer would be a bad idea. But I think by now I've done this enough that it shouldn't be problem. Until I get there and find that I'm missing three wires and a mouse. Or something like that...