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Friday, August 09, 2002

A quick comment on the book list I received in the mail along with my class schedule yesterday -- could they maybe give the textbooks more interesting names? Even if just to fool us? My contracts book is called "Contracts Cases and Doctrine." My Criminal Law book is called "Cases and Materials on Criminal Law." And most stimulating, my Civil Procedure book is called "Civil Procedure." I mean, I'm sure they're fine textbooks, and I have no illusion that the reading is going to be like a Dave Barry column. But if that Civil Procedure book was instead named, "The Crazy World of Civil Procedure," or "Civil Procedure for Debt-laden Law Students," or "Civil War -- I mean Procedure," maybe, just maybe, I'd look forward to buying the book. At least until I looked at the price tag. (No idea as of now what these books cost. But compared to tuition, the books -- heck, anything! -- is cheap.)