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Sunday, August 18, 2002

Should I rent "The Paper Chase" and completely scare myself about law school (now just a week away...)? Nah. Instead, I just watched Albert Brooks' "The Muse" on Comedy Central. His previous film, "Mother," was really funny. So funny, in fact, that when "The Muse" came out a few years ago I drove an hour to the nearest theater it was playing in, just to see it on the day it opened. It's not as funny as "Mother" (but, then again, nothing really is), but tonight when I saw it in the TV Guide, I figured I'd give it a second chance. It's okay. Recommended. But see "Mother" first! And "Defending Your Life," which is good too.

Anyway, the relevant part of this mostly irrelevant weblog entry is that the movie gave me a few more opportunities to identify "Interesting Jobs that Lawyers Have." I'm not sure that this guy was a lawyer, but he seemed like one, and being a Film Development Executive seemed like an interesting job that a lawyer could have.

And, just to make up for the irrelevance of today's entry (or add to it?), a short sketch. Actually, it's more like an idea for a cartoon I would draw if I could draw. Picture this: a law school courtyard filling with people moving out -- big boxes, cars with open trunks, etc. The words underneath:

"Why's everyone moving out?"
"Didn't you hear? The U.S. News rankings came out. We slipped three spots."

Huge laughter. Maybe? I hope?

Maybe I need "The Muse."