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Sunday, August 25, 2002

The University of Miami School of Law (insert your own joke here), has its own prelaw "29 Critical Questions" at They're pretty lame too.

Of course I admit for humorous purposes I'm only using the parts of the answers that are funny, so it's really not as bad as I seem -- and I know I'm not being fair to them... but nevertheless... here's a sampling:

1. Should I go to law school?
Only you can answer this question.

2. Is law school as challenging as they say?
Yes - and no.

4. When should I apply?
There are over 185 ABA accredited law schools in the U.S., and although the admissions process is similar at each, there are important differences.

5. What are law schools looking for?
As the entering class profile is important to prospective students, faculty, and the legal community, law schools are looking for the most competitive applicants possible.

8. How is the job market? Will I get a good job after graduation?
People attend law school for a variety of different reasons, and thus, the definition of a "good" job after law school is different for everyone.

27. I have a documented disability. Should I disclose this information?
This will be entirely your decision.

28. What type of support systems are in place once students are enrolled?
Support systems among law schools vary from the formal to the very informal.

I hope taking these out of context and making fun of them isn't slander.*

(*Note: "Slander" is a real legal term. But since I haven't started law school yet, I don't really know what it means. So forgive me if I'm getting it all wrong and this isn't slander, it's libel. Or it isn't libel, it's battery. Or it isn't battery, it's just a tort. A tort with whipped cream and glazed kiwis. Yum.)