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Friday, August 23, 2002

The worst part about packing to move somewhere: it's always too early to do laundry. If I do my laundry now, by Monday I'll have 3 pairs of socks that are dirty, 3 pairs of boxers, a couple of t-shirts, and maybe a pair of shorts that will all need laundry again. And there's nothing less fun than getting to a new place and already having laundry to do. But if I wait until Sunday, I'll have a hundred other things to do -- like alphabetize my CDs, test my pens to see if they're out of ink, and sort through random piles of paper looking for the ones I'll need to start a new random pile of papers in my dorm room -- and won't want to do laundry. And then I'll end up going up there with no clean clothes. Which is stupid. So I guess I should do laundry now. Or tonight, after I take my socks off. Or now, but take off my socks. And if I go anywhere, not wear socks. Or wear socks with holes in them that I don't want to take with me anyway. See the dilemma??