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Saturday, September 14, 2002

Apologies for no entry Friday. But it's hardly past midnight Saturday morning, so hopefully you'll forgive me.

I just got back from the 1L Boat Cruise in Boston Harbor. Like every other evening social event, it was crowded, noisy, and dark. But this was better than the Bar Reviews. Writing stuff down after midnight, for me, usually produces something a little more introspective and revealing than I'll let myself put on paper during normal business hours. So, given the time, against my better judgment, I'm letting myself write the following poem. Usually my feelings come out in song lyric form, but this one's definitely a poem.

I'm sick of superficial conversations
About the weather and the scenery and the food
I'd like to roll my eyes and scream "enough!"
But I'm afraid that it would come out rude

It's not important where you're from, no really
A city is a city, they're the same
And maybe if I say it one more time now
You'll finally remember what's my name

It feels like there's a padlock on your spirit
A wall that's blocking visions in your soul
I want to know just what you're really feeling
Instead of listening to you play a role

I'll tolerate if you have something witty
A line that you've been practicing all day
But let me know there's something more beneath it
A person deep inside the words you say

I only want to make that one connection
To find someone who understands my brain
An ally, just a friend to whisper thoughts to
To keep me from a journey towards insane

I know there's something more than what I'm getting
There must be real emotions that want out
I'm waiting, listening, pleading, give me something
Cause isn't this what life is all about?

I'm tired of the same old bunch of questions
With answers that you'll anyway forget
I'm sick of superficial conversations
But that's the only kind I seem to get.