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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Brief history just to set something up: after graduating from Princeton in June 2000, I went to work in the marketing department at Trilogy, a software company in Austin, TX. I decided to leave Trilogy in January 2002, once I figured out I was coming here in the fall, basically to give myself some time to write and see if I could make anything happen by searching for writing opportunities and pursuing them unencumbered by a full-time job for 8 months. So one of the things I worked on was I wrote the music for a musical -- I found the librettist (book writer) on a website with postings for collaborators, and he and I and the lyricist he foudn collaborated over the Internet and wrote a musical. Eventually, in July I flew down to Raleigh, NC, where the librettist lived, to record a demo CD of the songs, but until then, the three of us hadn't met. He's now shopping the show to a bunch of theaters around the country hoping to get someone interested. It would be very cool if something happened, but I'm not holding my breath.

To make this relevant -- somehow he convinced the theater critic of the Detroit Free Press newspaper to write an article about our Internet collaboration and the novelty of it. It came out in today's paper. So I'm in the newspaper! Check it out!

Detroit Free Press article -- check it out!

I said check it out!

I mean it!