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Monday, September 30, 2002

Doing contracts reading at 11:30 is not so fun. But I had Gilbert and Sullivan rehearsal until 11:00. And wasted tons of time this afternoon. So I'm stuck reading late. Almost done though.

I was not offered the production editor position with the technology journal that I interviewed for last week, but actually that's totally cool because I think I'm getting involved in enough that any more will put demands on my time I'd rather not be there. What's dumb is that the guy from the journal had to be really careful so as not to turn all of these people he's rejecting for the editor slots away from doing any work at all for the journal... and so it begs the question why have these couple of slots with an interview process when there's the risk it'll just sour people on the whole journal?

That may not make sense without some background on what the journal does and what these editor slots are. I'll clear it up after I finish the contracts reading. In the meantime, I leave you, my loyal reader(s?) hopelessly confused. Apologies.