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Sunday, September 29, 2002

A few notes on today and yesterday:

At noon today, my dorm building had a study break to go get crepes. You know, like pancakes. Kind of odd. But what was really sad is that in this building of probably close to 200 people, only 5 showed up to go. I mean, everyone has to eat *something* around noon, and it's not like there's tons of other stuff going on.... Well, my building's not very social to begin with -- we have our own bathrooms, so there's really no reason to be wandering the halls or anything like that. But still, 5 people? They missed out, actually, The crepes were good.

Yesterday I sub-cited for the Environmental Law Review (that's footnote-checking for the non-law students -- and non-loyal Weblog readers). In the library for three hours checking footnotes. Could you imagine anything more fun than that? The ELR (yeah, it has an acronym) is actually one of the more civil journals -- they just make you do the work for the three hours there, and they give you all the sources and everything. The other journals make you rummage through the Harvard library system finding the books yourself, and give you an assigned number of pages, no matter how long it takes -- the technology one has done that... my section is due on Friday. Hopefully I'll get to it by then.

I saw "Igby Goes Down" last night at the local movie theater -- for a 6-screen theater it's not bad, but it doesn't seem to get the big general-audience movies, so I'm a little concerned about my future movie-going possibilities. "Igby Goes Down" gets one thumb down and one thumb asleep. I didn't get it. Any of it. It all blew right past me and I didn't care. A very uncompelling movie experience. Not recommended for any reason at all. And the Cranky Critic agrees with me.

Tonight, I just finished my 9-page first-year-lawyering memo on the enforceability of covenants not to compete for legal recruiters in New Jersey. Brutal. But it's not due until Friday and I finished it, so I can't complain too much.

And tomorrow is another day.