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Monday, September 09, 2002

I don't think I've yet given any direct advice about law school to anyone reading this who's going to go to law school sometime in the future. Sure, there's all sorts of indirect advice and helpful incidental stuff you can pull from some of these entries, but I think this entry will be my first real piece of advice, and I'm totally serious about it. A week too late, but I really am totally serious.

First a story to lead up to the advice, then the advice. Don't skip ahead or you won't get the full impact.

So, for the past week, since classes started, I've been doing my work in my dorm room. Reading, outlining, whatever. And going insane. Because even though I'm making friends and I'm doing stuff, whenever I'm in my room I somehow feel like everyone else is out doing something interesting. Or even something uninteresting. But something. And intellectually I know that's not the case, but emotionally I felt like being in my room was swallowing my soul. Or something like that. So this afternoon I decided to read in the library. And after just a half hour, what a difference. I didn't get as much done, but just the fact that there were all these other people around -- just the fact that I wasn't all alone in my room -- made all the difference in the world. At least this afternoon it did. Hence, my advice. Get out of your room. Go to the library. You'll feel saner that way.