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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I went to a panel on Sports Law this evening. 3 attorneys from a firm called Proskauer Rose talking about sports law -- apparently they represent Major League Baseball, the NBA, a bunch of players and teams, David Stern (NBA commish) and Gary Bettman (NHL commish) used to work for them, they do MLB arbitration for the Marlins, Royals, and Expos, they did the owners' side for the MLB strike-avoiding settlement... all sorts of cool stuff.... So HOW did the attorneys on the panel make it all sound so BORING? They were so dull, so unenergetic, talking about how really sports law is just another kind of labor law, and uninteresting blah blah blah. They actually made their jobs sound dismal and horrid. And if it's dismal and horrid doing sports law, then imagine non-sports corporate law. AHHH!!!