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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I've got a free bouncing flashing ball from Lexis-Nexis. You bounce it, it flashes. Very useful for alerting people you're in danger, or frightening young children. It's an incentive to sign up for their bar review course. Seems a little early -- like, say, three years early -- to be thinking about taking the bar exam, but I guess there's lots of competition for bar review course providers. They had all sorts of information about how if you sign up now you get free end-of-the-year tutoring sessions for exams, and stuff like that. Not that interested, really. Just too soon to be worrying about the bar exam. Although I appreciate the ball.

This afternoon we have the student organizations fair in the Ropes-Gray room. Could they name that room after two less fun sounding people? I think of ropes and gray and I think of being on line in the post office. Waiting for a bank teller. Visiting someone in jail. Ropes. Gray. How about the Handcuffs-Drizzle room? Should we hold the carnival in there? Or the Trapped-Lightning auditorium. Let's turn it into a dance club. Why couldn't they pair Ropes and Gray with different people to create more pleasant room name combinations? Ropes-Carousel has a nice sound to it -- makes me think of a theme park. The Gray-Hound room could be the travel office. Gray-Zing could be the barn. I don't know. "Ropes" is a tough one for a room name, actually. It conjures up waiting in line. One of those turnstile lines, zig-zagging back and forth and back and forth. It doesn't help that registration was in the Ropes-Gray room, and that basically was just a whole line-waiting extravaganza. It reminds me of a South Park episode I saw once, where they're at an amusement park and there's a "Line Ride," where you wait on line, get to the end, and then you're done. "Thanks for riding the line ride." Acceptable for a cartoon, sure. But not acceptable at law school. I want the student organizations fair to be in the Enjoyable-Diversions room. Or the Time-Filler corridor. Or even the Fail-Gracefully amphitheater. But Ropes-Gray? Come on. They can do better than that...