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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Last night I auditioned for the law school's production of "Trial by Jury," a Gilbert and Sullivan musical. I'm not by any means confident that I'll get cast -- but I figured the audition would at least be fun and maybe I'd meet some people into theater and music and stuff like that. If I don't get cast I might volunteer if they need any tech people -- lighting, sound, etc. In fact, that kind of sounds like more fun than performing Gilbert and Sullivan on stage. I'm a writer inside. Not an actor. So not getting cast won't kill me.

I also auditioned for the law school's a capella singing group, Scales of Justice. I auditioned at Princeton for a bunch of a capella groups and never got in. But maybe the competition's less fierce here. Again, no expectations that I'll get in, but I figured why not try it. I'd probably like to get into this more than I would the Gilbert and Sullivan musical, but I'm perfectly prepared to make it into neither.

I know, this entry isn't funny yet. It's coming.

As I continued on the "Join My Organization" Express Train (TM) this week, I attended a meeting this evening for RAP, the Recording Artists' Project. They give legal advice to musicians who can't afford to pay for it. Sounds pretty cool. And they gave out free cookies. Later on tonight I have subciting training for JOLT, the Journal of Law and Technology. (Then I'll take a NAP, the Nocturnal Anti-awake Protocol -- enough with the acronyms!!) RAP had cookies. JOLT promises food of some non-pizza variety. Together they'll make dinner. Anyone here who's worried about cooking simply isn't joining enough organizations. I could eat six meals and still have meetings left to attend. Of course, then I'll need to join the Soccer Club and the Ultimate Frisbee Team to burn off all of the calories.

Every organization says the same thing -- "you can get involved for as much or as little as you want." I just want the food. I don't know.