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Saturday, September 07, 2002

Last night I went to Rosh Hashana services at the Hillel here. (This was a rare occasion for me -- I'm a pretty nonobservant Jew -- but I figured it would be a good way to meet people.) The longest reform services ever. Over two hours long. At the end, they were talking about the next set of services, for Yom Kippur, the holiday we're supposed to fast. The rabbi kept saying "fast." "Before the fast," "after the fast," "breaking the fast." Every time he said "fast," I looked at my watch and thought, "this isn't Fast. It's excruciatingly slow. Stop reminding me by saying 'fast' every ten seconds."

There was some cool stuff about the service though -- it was led by Harvard undergrads and they had a pretty fantastic student cantor who was better than most real cantors I've seen singing at services (although my breadth of experience is admittedly limited). And I did meet a couple of people, so that was good.

I have a 2-page ungraded paper to write this weekend. "2-page ungraded paper" certainly makes it sound fairly meaningles, doesn't it? They should at least lie and say it's going to be graded, or posted for all to see, or something, anything, to make it feel like less of an exercise and more like a real assignment.

I get to try out the subway again today -- this time switching lines from Red to Green. Apparently the Green line is extra confusing. If I don't post anything tomorrow by noon, send out a search party for me -- I'm probably wandering around downtown Boston unable to find where the subway lines meet....

I get bored way too easily. I need to fix that before I start annoying the friends I'm making here with too many e-mails sounding too desperate about wanting to do something besides read about law. Of course, I also need to read about law. So I'm not sure where the balancing point it. Still looking for it.

Today's bowl of Crispix was especially satisfying with the fresh milk I bought yesterday. I'm really stretching for content now... must mean it's time to stop writing (and resume reading about law, and getting ready for my lunchtime subway adventure...).