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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Overheard someone on his cell phone as I was walking through the law school campus:

"I'm really worried about Munich because I don't think the merger's gone through..."

Well, that sounds quite a bit more important than my last cell phone conversation, "...pepperoni, and a large cheesy bread." (Okay, okay, my last cell phone conversation wasn't really ordering a pizza. I haven't ordered a pizza on my cell phone ever I don't think, but it just sounded like the right punchline there, so I didn't want to let the joke fall by the wayside. I know I shouldn't start inventing anecdotes, but the main part is real, I swear. Okay, it's almost real -- I changed the name of the city so on the off chance this person I don't know has stumbled onto my weblog, I won't have revealed secret merger information that he may get annoyed at. But the rest is all true. Promise.)

I spent part of the day taking my class notes from the past week and separating the wheat from the chaff (is that a real phrase? At first I wanted to say separating the curds from the whey, but I don't know which of those you save and which you toss, so I won't go with that). That was just as much fun as it sounds.