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Saturday, September 14, 2002

Tripling up on the entries today to make up for yesterday. Actually no, it's because I have stuff I want to write.

I crashed the Federalist BBQ for lunch today to get free food -- a wise decision (hot dogs were good, the cookies were Great), but I think I may have been a bit too forthcoming as far as my motives. I saw someone from my section and whispered -- 'I'm not really a Federalist, I'm just here for the food' and he gave me a look that didn't seem too welcoming. I tried to cover with a line like "well the Federalists believe in giving power to the states... so why not hamburgers to the hungry..." but that didn't fly. And then I was talking to someone and it came up that I spent a summer in Washington interning for Senator... uh... Schumer. I wanted to swallow that one back when it came out. Ha.

In my defense, I'm probably closer to being a federalist than, say, a socialist, so it's not like I'm some commie liberal spy. I would be willing, however, to bet that the food here was better than it would be at the Human Rights Association barbeque (or, more definitely, the ANIMAL Rights Association barbeque -- "Would you like some ketchup on that empty bun? How about some celery?")