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Saturday, October 05, 2002

Computer virus came back. But I think I got rid of it again. I think the network is giving it to me. Oh well.

I went to the law school bookstore to buy some paper for my printer and made an impulse purchase -- a miniature stapler for $3.00. It's sad when a stapler becomes an impulse buy. But I needed it. Because when I handed in my legal memo -- which needed to be staple, according to the instructor's oh-so-informative "last minute questions" e-mail -- I had to go lurking around the administrative offices until I found one with a stapler right on the front desk that I could sneak in and quickly use.

I saw "Red Dragon" last night. It was okay -- for a scary movie (not my usual preferred genre -- I like my movies short and funny) it was pretty good.

Today is "Field Day" from 12-5, featuring activities like Tug of War, Dodgeball, and Check a Footnote in Twenty Seconds. Or something like that. I have rehearsal from 12-2, so I'll be late to Field Day, but according to what people have been saying, the turnout won't be that good anyway. More about Field Day later.