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Sunday, October 20, 2002

I have a desperate urge to create a mock powerpoint presentation parodying the powerpoint we were shown the other day at a "career services orientation session." There were 5 slides:

Slide 1 -- a quote from an alumnus about how valuable working for a law firm is.
Slide 2 -- % of graduates who go to work for law firms, public interest organizations, etc.
Slide 3 -- average salary of graduates who go to work for law firms vs. public interest
Slide 4 -- % of graduates who find jobs as compared with the national average. Big surprises here.
Slide 5 -- law firm retention rate after x years out of school.

My spoof coming by the middle of the week hopefully. If I can find a way to attach a powerpoint file to the weblog, I'll do that. Otherwise, you'll have to e-mail me for it.