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Sunday, October 13, 2002

I saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on Friday night, and I'm going to see "Moonlight Mile" tonight. I liked "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" more than I thought I would.

I heard someone's theory the other day about there being more short people here than one would expect. I'm not sure I'd noticed this phenomenon, but I guess it's more the case that there just aren't a ton of really tall people, not that there are lots of short people. But anyway, this person's theory was that short people work harder in school to compensate for their height. This sounds like utter baloney to me. I don't buy this theory at all -- even if I did think there were an unusual number of short people here, which I don't.

I was explaining to someone yesterday that my dream job would be to write for a TV show. She said, "oh, you want to be an entertainment lawyer?" I said, "no. I want to be on the other side of the table. The one who needs the lawyer." Explaining this took forever -- this girl simply could not fathom that someone would have this desire to write as opposed to practice law. Completely inconsistent with being at law school. Oh wait, I guess it is...