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Sunday, October 20, 2002

I'm making up a new verb. "Final drafticizing." Fairly straightforward what it means. I'm spending the morning (uh... and the afternoon, I guess... this isn't very productive...) turning my first draft memo into the final draft that's going to get "graded." I'm putting "graded" in quotes because the writing workshop is pass/fail. This is an utterly useless exercise. They made us write the first draft and hand it in, and gave us comments back. It's fairly clear to me that if the first draft was really the final draft, and was getting graded, I'm well past the threshold to receive a "pass" rather than a "fail." So the incentive to make any changes to this thing is virtually zero. I know I'm getting a pass, it doesn't matter what I do. I already wrote the memo two weeks ago and don't really want to go back and work on it more. If they want us to write a memo, just make us write something and then grade it on a real scale. This hand-holding -- first draft, then comments, then a final draft, plus not really a grade, just pass-fail -- seems kind of pathetic given that we're in law school, not third grade.